This is 2005

this is alices website
for utter absolute silliness!!
i am but a cute gal creatura
w mental illness...
currently obsessed w kirby
n arthurian literature ^3^

09/02/23 sorry for not updating this for over two months i forgot.its still not done btw ... noticed on pc (resurrected) the sizes are all messed up and it bugged me sm so i came back to fix them lmao update:i got too annoyed just pretend its a feature until later notice ok

06/29/23 logo added n decorations still not finished!!! in shambles misery misery misery!!! but at least there is kirby... OWGHHH kirbeh...

06/26/23 still as under as construction as ever!! i am currently figuring out this box, my computer is reaching it's last days so a friend is checking if everything's in place for me.hope lopmon isnt moving around again, decorations essentially all done.

06/25/23 my idea for a second background didn't work but it looked ugly so lol.lopmon added along some decor and a homemade page doll of the kirby alien rats :3

06/24/23 website started!
website design c. France

A higurashi button featuring Rena Ryuugu.
GIF stamp of Kangel dancing. Stamp of a creepy rabbit that says I love creepy stuffz.
Green GIF stamp of Lain. A stamp of Kuromi. A gif of Kirby's Adventure crane minigame.
A stamp of Rika Furude saying nipah. A stamp of Madotsuki standing around eyes on the floor.
A black and green  blinkie that says only the paranoid survive.
A green and purple blinkie of Invader Zim.
A pink blinkie that says little guys with two kirbys bouncing around it.
A white blinkie with black borders shinning red that says ERROR 404 blinkie not found. a sprite animation of Fecto Elfilis, Fecto Forgo and Elfilin.
Sprite of Hikari Yagami's digivice. Sprite of Kirby sitting. Sprite of a confused My Melody.